The press must be free to criticise Islam

Jul 13, 2019 by

by Tom Slater, spiked: The Muslim Council of Britain’s new report on the media is highly questionable. What do the Daily Mail Australia, Joanna Lumley and the BBC’s Bodyguard drama have in common? Well, according to a new report by the Muslim Council of Britain, they have all misrepresented, generalised about or otherwise showed bias towards Muslims and / or Islam. The MCB’s new Centre for Media Monitoring has analysed almost 11,000 articles, news clips and TV shows this quarter, and the...

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Editor-in-Chief of Catholic Herald Resigns After Blasting ‘Garbage’ Synod, ‘Feeble’ Bishops and Scandal-Plagued Pope Francis

Jul 11, 2019 by

by Debra Heine, PJ Media: The editor-in-chief of the Catholic Herald announced last week that he is parting ways with the weekly paper because he and “the new owners” “do not agree on the future direction of the company.” Damian Thompson made the announcement on Twitter following his recent hard-hitting appearance on EWTN’s “The World Over” in which he made a number of highly critical remarks about the the Vatican’s Amazon Synod working document (which he called...

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Andy Ngo and the violence of political correctness

Jul 6, 2019 by

by Brendan O’Neill, spiked: The most striking thing about the ‘antifa’ mob gathering in Portland at which the journalist Andy Ngo was violently assaulted at the weekend is that it described itself as ‘milkshake-themed’. There was a milkshake truck handing out fruity beverages to the antifa agitators. They hurled these milkshakes at alt-right protesters and at cops, too. And of course when Ngo was rounded on and punched and kicked for the crime of having criticised antifa’s behaviour, he...

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The Johnson tape, the Field incident. So much was said about both. But why the silence about the Kirklees arrests?

Jun 26, 2019 by

by Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home: We learned at the end of last week that West Yorkshire Police had arrested 44 people as part of a probe into organised sexual abuse. Not that you’ll have seen much about it on TV or in the weekend newspapers, which were instead obsessed first with the eco-protesters who had invaded the Lord Mayor’s banquet, and then with fact that Boris Johnson’s girlfriend had reportedly shouted at him. Some columnists worked themselves into a lather about how shocking it...

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Stand up, male comedy writers, against this feminist onslaught

Jun 19, 2019 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman: ANOTHER day, another feminist activist with a little power using it to disadvantage men and favour women, and getting away with it. Saskia Schuster, head of comedy for ITV, has announced she will no longer commission shows with all-male writing teams. Shockingly, if predictably, she justified her new policy with a crude generalisation about men: ‘Too often the writing room is not sensitively run. It can be aggressive and slightly bullying.’ Really? Does...

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The sixties seer who warned of wokeness

May 18, 2019 by

by Jenny McCartney, unherd. [Marshall…] McLuhan, a game and dapper participant in the media that he dissected, died in his sleep in December 1980, aged 69. His most famous sound-bite was “the medium is the message”, and he was also known for his prediction that electric technology would have the power to contract the world into “a global village”. Now, McLuhan appears before us as a kind of seer of the digital age. He instinctively understood that a new medium is not simply a tool of man, but...

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