Volunteer Chaplain excluded from prison in move to wipe out “Christian domination

Feb 9, 2018 by

Please sign petition here Pastor Paul Song, volunteer Chaplain for nearly 20 years, excluded from HMP Brixton by a Muslim Senior Chaplain. Read Christian Concern’s email here Read also important article by Jules Gomes: Islamic conquest of prison chaplaincy gives pastoral care the death sentence  

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Get out of the pews and on to the pitch

Dec 22, 2017 by

by Philip North, Church Times: WHY was there no revolution in 18th- and 19th-century England when almost everyone else was having one? The sports historian Tony Collins believes that the answer was: cricket. On the pitch, rich and poor met on equal terms: the rural peasant would be bowling at the aristocrat; the parson would be batting with the farrier. How can you guillotine some­one if, two days before, you were putting on 50 runs in a ninth-wicket partnership? Sport was the social...

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A Reflection on Women in Ministry

Oct 20, 2017 by

by Katherine Ruch, Virtueonline: The following was submitted to the ACNA House of Bishops in August 2017 As the ACNA continues to navigate through the choppy waters of how to embrace women in leadership at a time when the province is in process on women’s ordination, I think it important to zoom out and remind ourselves of our goal and the means to that goal. The foundation of this entire conversation needs to carry forward the fundamental truth that men and women together image God. One...

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Bringing the gospel to England – The story of Trinity Church Scarborough

Aug 16, 2017 by

from The Revd Lee McMunn, Gafcon: In April 2016, I announced to my church family in Hull that God had given me a burning passion to plant a church in the English seaside town of Scarborough. In fact, God has given me a gospel ambition to see many churches planted in this country. This land is full of people who are worshipping and serving created things rather than their glorious Trinitarian Creator. They are robbing God of his glory and robbing themselves of his infinite joy. England is in...

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There’s a future for the Church if Evangelicals put the poor first, Bishop North tells New Wine

Aug 7, 2017 by

by Madeleine Davies, Church Times: FOCUSED primarily on the needs of the wealthy, the Church of England is “complicit in the abandonment of the poor” and models the social inequality that it so often condemns, the Bishop of Burnley, the Rt Revd Philip North, told an Evangelical gathering last week. “Unless we start with the poor, the gospel we proclaim is a sham, an empty hypocrisy,” he told the New Wine meeting in Shepton Mallett, in a talk unsparing in its criticism of the Church’s...

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20,000+ expected at Emirates to hear J John

Jul 8, 2017 by

from Inspire Magazine: Some 20,000+ people from across the UK will be at the Emirates Stadium in London on Saturday (8 July, 1pm) to hear international evangelist J John preach. J John is a large-scale proclamation evangelist, who has preached in stadiums and arenas across the globe. There hasn’t been an event on this scale in the UK since American evangelist Billy Graham visited 32 years ago. Why now? After recent events, there is a greater need than ever for communities to unite behind a...

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