Reformation Wall in Geneva vandalised

Jul 16, 2019 by

from Evangelical Focus: The monument depicting Calvin, Farel, Bèze and Knox appeared covered in paint with the rainbow colours. The city files a complaint. Tourists walking through the Parc des Bastions in Geneva (Switzerland) discovered on July 15 that the Reformation Wall had been vandalised. The monument is one of the main touristic attractions of the city in which Jean Calvin, one of the key French Protestant Reformers, developed his work after 1536. The wall, inaugurated in 1909, also...

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CI News: 12 July 2019

Jul 12, 2019 by

from The Christian Institute: n the news this week: Same-sex marriage and abortion are imposed on Northern Ireland, the Church of England speaks out against no-fault divorce, and the Foreign Secretary says he stands with persecuted Christians. You can download the video via this link. Featured stories ‘Westminster puts abortion and same-sex marriage ahead of NI democracy’ CofE challenges Govt on ‘no-fault divorce’ Foreign Secretary to tackle global Christian persecution...

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In the news this week

Jul 6, 2019 by

from The Christian Institute: In the news this week: The Methodist Church moves towards conducting same-sex weddings, the Named Person scheme is still causing confusion in Scotland, and the Court of Appeal upholds the right to express Christian beliefs. You can download the video via this link. Featured stories Evangelicals ‘very saddened’ by Methodist support for gay marriage Named persons number 3,000, prompting renewed calls to scrap ‘unworkable’ scheme NHS launches new clinic to deal with...

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‘Catholic Eton’ in crisis as head quits over child protection fiasco

Jul 4, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Church Militant: England’s most elite Catholic school is in meltdown after its recently appointed headteacher stepped down following an inspection report slamming the school for failing to meet child protection standards. Deirdre Rowe quit after just 10 months as head of scandal-ridden Ampleforth College, making her the fourth headteacher in just over a year at the school once renowned as the “Catholic Eton.” The Department for Education ordered the surprise...

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Jonathan Fletcher responds to allegations of ‘physical discipline’

Jun 29, 2019 by

from Christian Today: A retired Church of England minister has responded to allegations that he engaged in forms of “physical discipline” that amounted to spiritual abuse. Jonathan Fletcher is accused of hitting men “on their naked backsides” and engaging in one-to-one massage with partially clothed or sometimes fully naked men as a form of “physical discipline in the context of discipling relationships”. The accusations were described in a...

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CI News: 28 June 2019

Jun 28, 2019 by

from The Christian Institute: In the news this week: Westminster gives initial support to a new divorce on demand law, The Christian Institute challenges Newcastle Cathedral’s blasphemous LGBT festival and judges overturn a forced abortion ruling. You can download the video via this link. Featured stories No-fault divorce backed by MPs in first debate Institute challenges Cathedral over blasphemous LGBT festival Scot Govt sidelines ‘legally illiterate’ trans schools guidance Ruling forcing...

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