The ideological insanity of State control

Apr 20, 2018 by

from Voice for Justice UK: According to a recent report in the Daily Mail, over the past two years 10,593 contraceptive implants have been given to schoolgirls below the age of 15 – some even as young as 12 – without their parents’ knowledge. As justification, Education mandarins tell...

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Religious Freedom Petition

Apr 14, 2018 by

from Barnabas Fund: Religious freedoms in the UK have taken centuries to build, but intolerance, complacency and uniformity are slowly eroding them away. It’s easy to sit back and ignore the damage because, like erosion, it’s not always immediately visible on the surface. But look a little closer...

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Sign our petition calling for equal treatment for all!

Apr 13, 2018 by

from Voice for Justice UK: A few days ago we told you about a young single parent white mother and her two children, aged 15 and 4, suffering horrific intimidation and abuse – including death threats – from their Muslim neighbours. They live in London in a predominantly Asian...

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We SUPPORT Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Mar 28, 2018 by

PETITION: Over the last year, there have been organized efforts to silence Dr. Jordan B. Peterson which include name calling, shout downs, attacks on his income and, most recently, a libelous poster campaign designed & distributed by a known hate-filled group that seems to be entirely obsessed...

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Tell the PM not to support decriminalising abortion

Mar 1, 2018 by

from SPUC: SPUC has launched a major nationwide petition, calling on the Prime Minister not to give any parliamentary support to moves to decriminalise abortion. “The decriminalisation of abortion remains a major threat,” said SPUC CEO John Smeaton. “We urgently need to send a...

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Volunteer Chaplain excluded from prison in move to wipe out “Christian domination

Feb 9, 2018 by

Please sign petition here Pastor Paul Song, volunteer Chaplain for nearly 20 years, excluded from HMP Brixton by a Muslim Senior Chaplain. Read Christian Concern’s email here Read also important article by Jules Gomes: Islamic conquest of prison chaplaincy gives pastoral care the death...

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