Why does the BBC believe Bishop Michael Curry channels the soul of America?

Aug 1, 2020 by

by Martin Sewell, Archbishop Cranmer: […] If you have never heard this titan of broadcasting [Alistair Cooke – ed] you should not miss it, then weep for how far from his standards BBC broadcasting has fallen. As I begin to write, I have just listened to a party political broadcast for the Democrat party embedded into Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme. I do not often listen to it, and this reminded me why. The entire piece was predicated upon the view that the Republican Party was simply...

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The Left’s long march through literature

Jul 23, 2020 by

by Dr Kevin Donnelly, The Conservative Woman: THERE’S no doubt that the cultural-Left’s cancel culture and political correctness movement is rampant in the West’s schools and universities intent on indoctrinating students with its neo-Marxist inspired ideology, especially when it comes to identity politics involving the new trinity of race, gender and sexuality. The way the literary canon and literature in general has been subverted and destroyed over the last 20 to 30 years provides a clear...

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It’s not an exaggeration to compare the methods used by the new ‘woke movement’ to those of Mao’s Red Guards

Jul 19, 2020 by

by John Gray, Mailonline: Today we are no longer living in a free society. Instead, we are ruled by those who try to enforce their extreme views by shaming and ruining those who think differently. It is not far-fetched to compare the methods of this ‘woke movement’ to those of Chairman Mao’s Red Guards, who terrorised the Chinese people half a century ago. The so-called ‘cancel culture’ – publicly shaming and trying to undermine the professional standing of anyone who deviates from ever-more...

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Why the new Archbishop of York will lead the Church of England even further into the lunacy of wokeness

Jul 18, 2020 by

by Damian Thompson and Gavin Ashenden, Spectator: The Church of England has a new Archbishop of York and a problem on its hands. Or to be more accurate, the problem it already had – senior bishops who speak entirely in progressive jargon – has just got infinitely worse. Archbishop Stephen Cottrell made the headlines even before he was enthroned last week, when he ‘revealed’ that Jesus was black. This came as news to everyone except the far left, race-baiting fanatics of Black Lives Matter, who...

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Mary Eberstadt on What Plagues the West

Jul 15, 2020 by

by Ryan T Anderson and Mary Eberstadt, Public Discourse: “Post-revolutionary men and women are living in ways that are profoundly unnatural for the ineradicably social creatures that we are; and many are suffering as a result, at times without even knowing the name of what ails them. This preoccupation, and the desire to do something about it, continues to shape my work.” Public Discourse is launching a new feature where we interview leading intellectuals to learn more about their work and...

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When Victimhood Leads to Genocide – Prof. Jordan Peterson on Dekulakization

Jul 6, 2020 by

In this excerpt of his lecture series “Maps of Meaning” psychology professor Jordan Peterson talks about an especially bleak and horrifying but relatively unknown episode in the history of the Soviet Union – the Dekulakization. He points out how enhanced victimization and the concept of class guilt ultimately led to genocide and the starvation of millions of people.  

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