The NHS: overwhelmed by identity politics

Sep 7, 2021 by

By William Clouston, spiked: […] For all its constant demands for more resources, the NHS is better-funded than ever. Its budget has soared to record levels recently. Yet it is increasingly struggling to meet the public’s needs. As my friend was lying in pain and waiting for his operation, a story emerged that revealed the health service’s skewed priorities. The NHS Senior Leadership Onboarding and Support website, designed for senior NHS staff, published a blog about race, which went viral...

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Almost Four Decades After Its Birth, The Diversity Industry Thrives on Its Own Failures

Jul 14, 2021 by

by Heather Mac Donald, Quillette: Campus diversity advocates have pulled off their greatest coup to date: They have declared “diversity” to be a freestanding academic discipline, thus injecting their bureaucracy-heavy apparatus into the very heart of the academic enterprise. As of this month, Bentley University, a business-oriented liberal arts school in Waltham, Mass., will offer a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Sciences degree in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). By all accounts,...

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Can Britain survive the woke wave?

Jul 12, 2021 by

by Matthew Goodwin, UnHerd: Back in 1963 a landmark study by academics Gabriel Almond and Sidney Verba called, The Civic Culture, looked into why the British did not follow the Germans and the Italians into the abyss of fascism, and why communism has similarly failed to take root here. They concluded that the country’s political culture made it inhospitable to radical ideologies. The British didn’t do ideology. Decades later, and Britain seems a more hospitable place for foreign ideologies,...

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Drop the ‘woke’ posing and stick to your day job, companies told

Jul 5, 2021 by

By Edward Malnick, Telegraph: The research was carried out online, with 1,500 people asked about political issues and a further 1,500 asked about economic and business issues. The full results will be published by the CPS on Monday. […]  Dr Luntz also asked respondents which of 13 issues they wanted businesses in Britain to take more of a leadership role on. The most popular of which was climate change, with the “future of work” coming second and “economic inequality” third. The issue...

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The fightback against Critical Race Theory

Jul 2, 2021 by

by Douglas Murray, UnHerd: Its creators thought America was on their side — they were wrong. One of the most irritating terms of our time must be “gaslighting”. It sounds so serious, but is just another of those pseudo-criminal charges that people fling around online, as though it has a well-known application in the real world. Loose in definition, assumed by the user to be understood by all, it is merely a form of elite jargon, known and understood only by a few. But when a word gets used so...

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The indoctrination of a generation

Jun 30, 2021 by

by Guy Adams, Mailonline: Racially segregated clubs, white pupils told they’re ‘oppressors’, and teachers banned from saying ‘boys and girls’. A dangerous dogma has gripped London’s American School – but parents are fighting back. The American School in London is Britain’s most expensive day school, charging an astonishing £32,650-a-year in fees to the capital’s loftiest bankers, corporate lawyers and celebrities. At pick-up, parents rub...

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