Remember Those Who Told Us Gay Marriage Would Not Lead To Polyamory? They Were Wrong

Oct 27, 2019 by

by Josh Hammer, Daily Wire: The concerted social push is now unequivocally on to normalize non-monogamous, polyamorous relationships. Just yesterday, CBS News ran a rather disturbing story entitled, “Not Just ‘One Big Orgy’: Fighting The Stigma Of Consensual Non-Monogamy.” The article, we are informed, is timed to coincide with CBS News’ premiering this weekend an original glowing documentary entitled, “Speaking Frankly: Non-Monogamy.” The article not-so-subtly attempts to guilt-trip the...

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The APA normalizing polyamory: That didn’t take long

Jul 28, 2019 by

By John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera, Christian Post: More than twenty years ago, the late Father Richard John Neuhaus penned one of his most memorable sayings. When you come across an article titled ‘Whither Incest?’, he said, it’s safe to assume it won’t be a “vigorous defense of traditional morality.” To paraphrase Father Neuhaus, whenever the American Psychological Association (APA) addresses an aspect of human sexuality, you can bet it won’t be a vigorous defense of traditional...

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If marriage no longer matters, why draw the line at couples?

Nov 23, 2018 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman: An article in the Mail caught my eye this week. It was about a polyamorous relationship, and featured a woman called Mary Crumpton who was calling for the law to be changed to recognise romantic arrangements such as hers. ‘I think,’ she says, ‘that I want to have a country where we respect people’s choices, in terms of their relationships and if that means that a Muslim man wants to marry three women and have those women respected in law as his wives, he...

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The law must change to make BOTH my marriages legal

Nov 20, 2018 by

By Brendan Mcfadden, Mailonline: ‘Polyamorous’ woman was walked down the aisle by her first husband when she ‘wed’ her second and now wears TWO rings. A woman is calling for a change of law than allows people to be legally married to more than one person at a time Mary Crumpton is a practiser of polyamory –  meaning she believes in having more than one partner. Mary Crumpton made a lifetime commitment to John Hulls earlier this year in a special ceremony. People...

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Canada: Three adults in polyamorous relationship declared legal parents of child

Jun 28, 2018 by

by Michael Macdonald, The Star: In what is believed to be a legal first in Canada, a court in Newfoundland and Labrador has recognized three unmarried adults as the legal parents of a child born within their “polyamorous” family. Polyamorous relationships are legal in Canada, unlike bigamy and polygamy, which involve people in two or more marriages. In this case, the St. John’s family includes two men in a relationship with the mother of a child born in 2017. “Society is continuously changing...

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Polyamory: Complicated New Identity or Primarily About Sex?

Mar 28, 2018 by

by Mark Regnerus, Public Discourse: A study of consensual, overlapping sex partners unwittingly reveals the strengths of monogamy. In an open access article in PLOS One published in mid-2017, a series of psychologists—drawing on a convenience, opt-in survey of 3,530 persons—describe what is known about the community of self-identified polyamorous individuals. Polyamory, for those who aren’t in the know, is actually a collection of practices, all of which revolve around the theme of not wanting...

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