Benefits of marriage are incontrovertible, says GB News presenter

Jul 31, 2021 by

from Coalition for Marriage: As passionate believers in marriage, C4M and its supporters need no reminder of its benefits. But it’s important to recognise when the value of marriage is acknowledged in the media, particularly when these occasions are few and far between. Presenting on GB News earlier this week, Colin Brazier spoke eloquently and courageously of the importance of marriage to our society. Lamenting the decline in marriage rates, he argued that marriage works and must be...

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The coming collapse of the developing world

Jul 25, 2021 by

by Joel Kotkin and Hugo Kruger, spiked: In Europe, North America, Oceania and East Asia, the Covid-19 pandemic has been a tragic, wrenching experience, creating more depressed and divided societies. Yet, as we have been gazing obsessively at our own problems, a spectre infinitely worse is emerging in the most populous, fastest growing and least resilient parts of the world. Covid has caused a deep crisis in the already suffering developing world, which contains nearly half of all humanity. And...

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Flood, fire, famine and pestilence: the end is nigh (maybe)

Jul 16, 2021 by

by Archbishop Cranmer: Wildfires blaze across the western states: California and Oregon burn day and night. Death Valley hit a blistering 54.4°C, which might be the highest recorded ambient temperature on Earth. Across Germany and Belgium, floods are devastating states and lives: thousands are homeless, hundreds have died in a deluge of misery. Lapland and Siberia are sweltering; India and Libya are baking. Tokyo is flooding, and so did London this week when a month of rain fell in a single...

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‘Marriage is key to kids achieving’ says Centre for Social Justice

Jun 29, 2021 by

from Coalition for Marriage: The latest report from the parliamentary education committee looked at underachievement of working-class white boys. However, rather than focusing on skin colour, poverty or social class, new analysis from the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) argues that there is one factor that stands out as separating the achievers from the underachievers in 21st century Britain. And that is marriage. Writing in the Spectator, the CSJ’s director of policy Edward Davies writes that...

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Overseas Aid

Jun 6, 2021 by

by John Redwood: I am glad the UK spends money on ships and equipment that go to assist countries facing flood and tempest. I am in admiration of our medics and armed forces when they sometimes go to help treat and contain dangerous infectious diseases abroad. I am pleased the UK as one of the leading and richest countries of the world helps alleviate and tackle poverty in the developing nations. The UK should set out what it can do and what it is good at, and should be generous where need...

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UN Commission Fails to Advance LGBT

Apr 24, 2021 by

by Stefano Gennarini JD, C-Fam: The LGBT agenda cannot get any traction in UN negotiations. They never have. The just concluded Commission on Population and Development failed once more to advance this agenda. The abortion agenda also did not advance. The UN Commission on Population and Development adopted an agreement on food security earlier today. The agreement does not make any progress for abortion and LGBT rights. The apparently innocuous theme of this year’s session of the commission,...

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