On inequality, the BBC’s headline doesn’t line up with the facts

May 14, 2019 by

from the Institute of Economic Affairs: Imagine if a sports journalist regularly described Sergio Agüero as a Manchester United player and insisted that West Bromwich Albion won the Premier League this season. Imagine a political correspondent routinely referring to the Liberal Democrats as the ruling party and claiming that the Chancellor was Michael Fabricant. They wouldn’t last very long. Readers and editors take a dim view of hacks who make basic mistakes with easily verifiable...

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The Persecuted Church

Dec 3, 2018 by

Archbishop Justin Welby talks to Andrew Marr about persecuted Christian communities, including the situation for Asia Bibi.  Deprivation and Poverty in the UK are also under discussion. From around 15.50.

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Christians Who Make a Difference: New Tearfund report shows how believers respond to poverty

Nov 3, 2018 by

from Christian Today: Four out of five Christians (87 per cent) have taken action on poverty in the past year – a far higher proportion than the general population – according to a poll of 2,958 UK adults by Barna Group for Christian relief and development agency Tearfund. Christians Who Make a Difference, a report launched today at The Justice Conference, looks at the connections between Christian beliefs, practices and priorities and their response to poverty. The research shows that...

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Did we witness social action / evangelism ‘holy grail’ on BBC documentary?

Oct 9, 2018 by

by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. Every few years the church’s ministry among the urban poor in Britain comes into renewed focus. It can take the form of church leaders in advocacy mode for social action, looking at the big picture, addressing government policy on issues such as housing and benefits, and setting up a nationwide fund to assist local development projects. This was largely the legacy of the “Faith in the City” report of 1985. Or it can look more at the local level: how to...

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The Debt Saviours: Bradford’s Christians Against Poverty opens religious support for vulnerable up to BBC scrutiny

Oct 6, 2018 by

From the Yorkshire Post. A Christian debt charity founded by Bradford’s John Kirkby has opened its religious methods up to scrutiny for an access-all-areas BBC documentary tonight. Chris Burn reports. “I have sat down with a father who has told his wife and children that they are going on an adventure and will be moving house when he knows they are going to a bed and breakfast that day, I have seen mothers considering selling themselves on the street to feed their children, I have seen people...

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How to measure – and vanquish – poverty? A new answer to an old problem

Sep 18, 2018 by

by Mark Wallace, Conservative Home: How best to measure poverty has long been a vexed question in British politics. The naive hope that statistics would be able to produce an answer simultaneously accurate and robust enough to withstand the pressures of political misuse, abuse and misunderstanding has yet to be fulfilled. In the Blair years, a story – likely apocryphal – had John Prescott raging that “we’ve been in power for five years, and half of people still earn below average”. It’s a...

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