Bishops, Cobras and the law of unintended consequences

Jan 8, 2018 by

by Gavin Ashenden: [,,,] When the British ruled India, there was a real problem with cobras in Delhi. Some well-meaning pen pusher had a bright idea. ‘Lets offer a bounty for every dead cobra people turn in to the police stations.’ It started off working very well. After a while some enterprising people began to breed cobras just of the purpose of killing them, turning them in and collecting the reward. So when the authorities got wind of this the responded by scrapping the scheme. This led to...

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Anti-Christian bias of our aid handouts in refugee camps, by former Archbishop Lord Carey

Apr 13, 2017 by

by John Stevens, Mailonline: A former Archbishop of Canterbury last night launched a stinging attack on ‘politically correct’ aid officials who are ‘institutionally biased’ against helping Christians. Lord Carey warned ministers risk breaking the law by discriminating against Christians facing oppression in Syria. He claimed Syrian Christians are not benefiting from British help as they avoid UN refugee camps, funded with UK aid, because of fears of persecution from...

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Unaccompanied child refugees – two views

Feb 12, 2017 by

Archbishop of Canterbury – Ministers are condemning kids to brothels – or death, by Harry Farley, Christian Today  The Archbishop of Canterbury has stepped up his attack on the government’s plan to stop accepting unaccompanied child refugees from Europe. Justin Welby criticised the Home Office’s announcement it would end the commitment under the Dubs’ amendment after just 350 had been welcomed to the UK, rather than the 3,000 expected. In a joint interview with Mark Carney,...

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Archbishop of Canterbury’s statement on child refugees

Feb 10, 2017 by

Responding to the government’s announcement on child refugees and the Dubs Amendment, Archbishop Justin Welby said today: “I was saddened and shocked to read in the Ministerial statement released yesterday that only 350 children will be received under the regulations in the Dubs Amendment. Our country has a great history of welcoming those in need, particularly the most vulnerable, such as unaccompanied children. Refugees, like all people, are treasured human beings made in the...

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“Stepping into Safety” – how Syrian refugees are faring in Oxfordshire.

Feb 2, 2017 by

by Chris Sugden, CEN How is the programme of settling 20,000 refugees from Syria in the United Kingdom faring? Some flown in by the UN from the refugee camps fleeing Isis are living in communities throughout Oxfordshire for example in Oxford, Witney and Eynsham..Twenty muslims with their young children met with sixty members of the Eynsham community including from the Anglican, Baptist and Catholic Churches on Friday January 20th. The clue to ‘success’ appears to be proper...

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Franklin Graham: How Christians Should Respond to the ‘Muslim’ Ban

Feb 1, 2017 by

by Jessilyn Justice, Charisma News: As President Donald Trump signed a temporary immigration halt from some Middle Eastern nations, many people in the United States exploded in wrath. Thousands gathered at airports to protest and offer aid to the incoming refugees who were temporarily detained for extra screening. Media and enraged protesters called the freeze a “Muslim ban,” which sparked further demonstrations around the country. In a time of turmoil, evangelist Franklin Graham...

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