Jesus, the reluctant exorcist

Feb 28, 2021 by

by Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman: IN today’s Gospel, Matthew 15: 21-28, Jesus walks from Judea to Tyre and Sidon on the coast of Lebanon. That’s some stretch, and you wonder why he bothered. They say it was to get away from the crush of people who wanted him to heal their infirmities. One commentary I read, from the Intervarsity Press, said that Jesus wanted to have some vacation with his disciples. Some vacation? Biblical commentaries can be wacky, and one imagines Jesus and his...

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Denmark sermons law could stifle free worship, warns C of E bishop

Feb 1, 2021 by

by Daniel Boffey, Guardian: Robert Innes says proposed translation law could have affect religious freedoms across Europe. The liberties of the centuries-old community of Anglicans in Denmark are being threatened by a draft law requiring all sermons to be translated and submitted to the state, the Church of England’s bishop in Europe has said. Robert Innes, whose diocese stretches across mainland Europe, has written to the Danish prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, expressing his alarm at what...

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Heaven, where we shall learn to love

Dec 20, 2020 by

by Peter Mullen, The Conservative Woman: AFTER death, judgement and Hell, at last we come to heaven. Well, I hope so. I find it harder to think about heaven than to think about death or hell. Perhaps most people would find heaven hard to describe. More than a few good writers say it’s easier to write about evil than about goodness. So I wonder what heaven will be like? Human beings have an acutely ambiguous attitude towards life after death. The Spiritualist F W H Myers was talking with a...

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Lloyd-Jones: Help People See Crisis as Both a Mirror and a Lens

May 6, 2020 by

by Stephen Witmer, TGC: In September 1939, Adolf Hitler invaded Poland, and Britain declared war. One month later, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the newly appointed associate pastor of Westminster Chapel in London, preached five Sunday sermons soon published under the title Why Does God Allow War?. The London Blitz would occur less than a year later. So these sermons were preached in the midst of war, to people confronting the sheer scale of a life-altering crisis. Lloyd Jones wrote, “I preached the...

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The Supper at Emmaus

Apr 26, 2020 by

by Martin Sewell, Archbishop Cranmer: Today’s Gospel reading gives me the opportunity to share with you one of my favourite paintings, that of The Supper at Emmaus, by the Italian Renaissance genius Caravaggio. It hangs in London’s National Gallery and the full power of its presence is available to any who read this, and I do urge you to pay a visit sometime. It is not, of course, derived from Scripture, and yet just as St Luke took another’s story, organised the narrative and presented it...

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TURNING THE DIAMOND: George Herbert on Prayer, Week 2

Mar 30, 2020 by

by Stephen Noll, Contending Anglican: Note: For anyone joining this series in Week 2 (you can find the consolidated Week 1 here), we are continuing the verse-by-verse exposition of George Herbert’s sonnet “Prayer” assisted by the fine book by Dennis Lennon, Turning the Diamond: Exploring George Herbert’s Images of Prayer. Here is the sonnet in full. Prayer the Church’s banquet, angels’ age, God’s breath in man returning to his birth, The soul in paraphrase, heart in pilgrimage, The Christian...

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