Towards understanding South Africa

Nov 29, 2018 by

by Chris Sugden and Gavin Mitchell, Evangelicals Now: The irony is that this ‘rainbow nation’ of many different languages, races and cultures did not start off as nation at all. Cape Town was only intended from the 16th to the 19th centuries to be a refuelling port for food and water for sailing ships of the merchant companies of Portugal, Holland, France and, finally, England en route to their trading empires in the East Indies and India. Protestant wine makers As a ‘refuelling’ station it...

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Dutch Reformed Church did not backtrack on same-sex marriage lightly, court hears

Aug 22, 2018 by

by Zelda Venter, IOL: Pretoria – The decision to no longer recognise same-sex unions in the Dutch Reformed Church was taken at a special synod meeting after four days of intensive debating and praying, counsel for the Church argued on Tuesday in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria.   The Church is opposing an application by several of its members, including Laurie Gaum, with the blessing of his father, Dr Frits Gaum, a well-known figure in the Church. They are challenging the Dutch Reformed...

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South Africa: Church begs for forgiveness as damning sex abuse claims surface

Mar 12, 2018 by

from IOL News: Cape Town – The Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa has apologised for its past wrongs and failure to address sexual abuse claims. Archbishop Thabo Makgoba was responding to damning allegations of sexual assault of a former Anglican and award-winning South African author Ishtiyaq Shukri by priests at St Cyprian’s School in Kimberley, Northern Cape. Shukri’s best known work, The Silent Minaret, is about a South African Muslim boy facing prejudice in London...

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Landmark decision by the Diocesan Synod of Port Elizabeth

Nov 8, 2017 by

One Diocese in the Anglican Church of Southern Africa takes a stand for biblical orthodoxy. By Revd Dave Doveton, Anglican Mainstream. The Synod of the Diocese of Port Elizabeth held last week was by all accounts an exciting and fruitful event. One of the main issues addressed by the synod was how the local church could help in the fight against poverty, unemployment and the scourge of racism. It was clear that the church has a unique and valuable role to play in the changing of mindsets and...

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The Ministry of the late Revd. David Hugh MacGregor

Dec 23, 2016 by

by Dave Doveton, Diocese of Port Elizabeth. David MacGregor, a leading figure of the charismatic movement both here in Southern Africa and New Zealand where he was ordained, passed away to be with the Lord he served earlier this month. David was born in Sri Lanka and after an initial education in India and travels to England where he trained as an aircraft pilot, he joined the family business as a tea planter. One day as he was busy stocktaking in an office, he heard the Lord call him by name...

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C of E revisionists use the BBC and the South African church to continue campaign

Dec 12, 2016 by

By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. Last Sunday an Oxford-based Anglican priest used a BBC radio programme (here, start at 23.25) to talk about Christian sexual ethics in the South African context. The Church’s continued adherence to the idea that faithful heterosexual marriage is the only correct place for a sexual relationship is harming young people, we were told. “Why should the church, in this day and age, be punishing people for wanting to love?” Of course the mini-documentary was...

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