Reclaiming the Sabbath for rest could reduce work anxiety says Christian think tank

Jul 20, 2021 by

by Donna Birrell, Premier: The biblical idea of Sabbath is an ancient answer to modern anxieties, according to a new report from the Christian think tank, Theos. “Just work, Humanising the Labour market in a changing world” by Paul Bickley and Barbara Ridpath, says the pandemic has intensified working practices with people spending more hours at their desks or responding to work emails and that employees are increasingly expected to work unpaid overtime. Describing current working practices as...

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German Churches call for protection of work-free Sundays

Mar 15, 2021 by

by Jonathan Luxmoore, Church Times: CHURCHES in Germany have urged the protection of work-free Sundays in the face of digitisation, online shopping, and growing work-life imbalances, on the 1700th anniversary of the official designation of Sunday as a day of rest by the Emperor Constantine. “The coronavirus pandemic has again made us aware of how much people need a time structure: Sunday visits to relatives in nursing homes could not take place, the daughter’s football team was not allowed to...

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Boris Johnson to drop changes to Sunday trading laws or face rebellion

Jun 23, 2020 by

from Premier: The Prime Minister could be facing a defeat over extending Sunday shop opening times, with people in his own party saying they would vote against his plans. Some MPs say the measure has already been dropped due to opposition. The current trading rules for shops state that large shops can open for six hours on a Sunday. Smaller shops can be open all day. There was a previous attempt to extend the hours in 2016 but it was unsuccessful, also due to Tory rebels. The Prime Minister...

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Why Sunday trading regulations need to stay

Jun 13, 2020 by

from Keep Sunday Special, Conservative Home: As we emerge from a generation-altering pandemic in need of new ideas and new ways to rebuild the economy, it sadly appears that this Government is still stuck looking to the past for inspiration. The latest attempt to change Sunday trading regulations is brewing under the cloak of Coronavirus recovery, but this historically controversial policy that handed both Thatcher and Cameron defeats in the Commons is still nothing more than misdirection; an...

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Conservative MPs must be ready to keep Sunday special

Jun 7, 2020 by

by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home: What was the only Government Bill defeated at Second Reading under Margaret Thatcher?  The answer is nothing to do with the poll tax or Europe or even Keynesian economics.  It was her Bill to abolish the Sunday trading laws – introduced when her powers were at their zenith in 1986. No fewer than 72 Conservative backbenchers rebelled – enough to annul her three figure majority and defeat the Bill by 14 votes.  Thirty years later, it was Tory MPs once again...

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Sunday trading laws may be suspended for a year in Downing Street legislation

Jun 6, 2020 by

by Kate Dennett and William Cole, Mailonline: Shops could stay open all day on a Sunday and pubs may be fast-tracked to serve in beer gardens, under new Government plans to stimulate the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sunday trading laws could be suspended for a year and cafes and pubs could be given fast-track approval to serve food and drink outside. Downing Street is drawing up legislation to enable larger supermarkets to open for more than six hours on Sundays, according to The...

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