Lesbian Episcopal priest named new head of National Abortion Federation

Nov 6, 2019 by

by Claire Chretien, LifeSite: The National Abortion Federation (NAF) has announced that its new president and CEO is Katherine Ragsdale, a lesbian Episcopal “priest” and longtime abortion activist. “Abortion providers are some of my personal heroes and modern-day saints,” Ragsdale said when the news was announced. She had been NAF’s interim president and CEO since September 2018. In 2011, she “married” another female Episcopal “priest,” Mally Lloyd. It is unclear if they are still together;...

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Episcopal Church Leadership call for divestment in Israel: Is this ill-Disguised Anti-Semitism in the name of Human Rights?

Oct 29, 2019 by

by David Virtue, VOL: The Episcopal Church’s Executive Council at the recommendation of Council’s Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility, (CCSR) wants the church to disinvest three companies from the Church’s investment portfolio and placement and put on a No Buy List. They include Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and the Israel Discount Bank. Further, Council asks CCSR “to pursue continued engagement with Facebook, Booking.com, and TripAdvisor, urging them to...

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Episcopal House of Bishop Agonize over Attending Lambeth 2020

Sep 27, 2019 by

by David Virtue, VOL: You would have thought by now, that with all the resolutions passed by the Episcopal Church’s General Conventions, over many years, that homosexuality, in all its pluriform manifestations, would be a done deal and that going to Lambeth next year would be a simple matter of ho hum it’s off to Canterbury we go. That would be too easy. With one eye on the Archbishop of Canterbury and another eye on the Global South, The Episcopal Church would simply affirm that...

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Episcopal bishop who refuses to allow gay marriage in diocese to face hearing

Sep 21, 2019 by

by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post: A bishop of The Episcopal Church who has appealed a punishment for refusing to allow same-sex marriages in his diocese will go before a hearing panel to argue his case. Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany was punished last year by The Episcopal Church for refusing to enforce a recently enacted resolution allowing congregations in his regional body to bless same-sex marriages. In a statement released Wednesday while attending the fall...

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TEC House of Bishop opens fall meeting with discussions of same-sex spouse exclusion from Lambeth 2020

Sep 18, 2019 by

by David Paulsen, ENS: The Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops gathered here on Sept. 17 to begin a four-day meeting where the question of the Lambeth Conference 2020 loomed from the outset, both as a point of punctuation in Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s opening sermon and as the scheduled topic of discussion for the first afternoon. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, in calling all bishops in the Anglican Communion to attend the Lambeth Conference next summer, chose to invite gay and...

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The Episcopal Church: The Collapse Is Here

Sep 11, 2019 by

Tom Ferguson, retired Episcopal seminary dean, tells it like it is with no sweet talking.  Since 2003, when Gene Robinson became TEC’s first partnered gay bishop, TEC’s ASA has dropped from 858,000 to 562,000 — a decline of 34%.  There are now more TEC parishes with an average attendance of less than 10 persons than there are congregations with attendance of 300 or more. The evidence is clear: “The collapse is upon us.”  Ferguson notes a recurrent trend:...

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