Cathedrals bless Gay Pride proclaiming “diversity” as the new gospel

Aug 12, 2018 by

by Andrew Tettenborn, Rebel Priest:

June and July are Gay Pride March months, commemorating a raid by the New York police on the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village on 28 June 1969 (next year’s semi-centenary will no doubt see a bumper crop).

You might have thought clergymen would be either hostile or at best neutral to such things. If you do you clearly haven’t realised that times have changed. Many not only avoid negative comments but express enthusiastic support for them.

Ely had its first pride event yesterday. The flag flying from the tower of the Cathedral was the rainbow flag. Three weeks earlier, Bristol police were called to throw opponents out of a service held at the Wesleyan New Rooms to support the city’s own Gay Pride. Earlier still, the Anglo-Catholic St Michael’s Church in Exeter held – not for the first time – a “Pride Church Service” service in support of a similar event there.

Gay Pride in York for the past few years has begun its parade from outside the West End of York Minster with the full support of Dean Vivienne Faull, who is now the new Bishop of Bristol. The Canon Pastor of the Cathedral has blessed and offered a prayer for the pride march and John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, has made it clear that “Clergy of the Diocese are entitled to express varying views on the question of human sexuality. That is the nature of the Church of England.”

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