Catholic doctor should not have been banned from saving unborn babies

Jun 5, 2021 by

by Tim Dieppe, Premier:

Medical authorities have turned ethical codes for medicine upside down by promoting easy access to pills which kill babies in the womb, whilst preventing a doctor from administering medicines which can help to save the lives of these babies.

Coronavirus emergency measures were used last year to push through the legalisation of DIY abortion pills taken at home without any clinical assessment of suitability. The government originally promised to make no changes to abortion regulations due to Covid-19 and then, in a spectacular U-turn taken in just a few days with no debate or parliamentary scrutiny, the regulations were changed after all. The government promised that this would be a temporary measure, but has now consulted on whether to make it permanent. Meanwhile thousands of women are suffering at home, and many end up in hospital as a result.

Filled with regret

Many of these women swiftly regret taking the first pill which, if left unchecked, will kill their baby. One mother, Laura, said: “As soon as I took the first pill, I instantly regretted it. I immediately broke down in tears and felt so much guilt. I tried to make myself sick to bring it back up. I was vomiting blood through cutting my throat with my fingers as I was desperate to make myself sick, but I could not do it properly. I did not realise how much I would regret taking the pill until I had done it, and it was a horrifying moment I will never forget.”

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