Catholic Leaders on Isle of Man Sound Alarm on Assisted Suicide

Jan 20, 2020 by

by Martina Moyski, Church Militant:

Catholics are to date the only Church leaders on the Isle of Man to have alerted their flock to the danger of the impending assisted suicide legislation crashing against the shores of the beautiful island.

Part of the U.K. archdiocese of Liverpool, the island was rocked by the legalization of abortion in 2018, launching what critics have called “the most permissive abortion regime throughout the British Isles.”

Now a proposal to survey lawmakers’ support for the legalization of assisted suicide is being distributed for consideration by a member of the island’s Parliament.

Dr. Alex Allinson, a general practitioner, has recently asked Tynwald court, the legislature of the Isle of Man, to support a law change to allow “voluntary assisted dying,” a euphemism intended to assuage critics.

Allinson said if the initial reception of his motion is favorable, he will introduce a private member’s bill later in the year. He has asked for “an open debate” to “flesh out” political opinions.

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