Updates: Catholic priest sex abuse scandal

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Following the major report from Pennsylvania on decades of abuse and cover up, and anger in Ireland in the wake of the Pope’s visit, commentators are divided on the narrative. Is the lamentable failure of church leaders to protect young people and control clergy behaviour only about corruption, oppression and self-preservation by a powerful and wealthy religious organization? Or is it also about sexual immorality, specifically homosexual lust (many of the victims were not children but teenage boys and young men), and the destructive confusion and dissonance about sex in church and world?

Newer items at the top:

Pope begs God’s forgiveness for ‘scandal and betrayal felt by so many‘, from Press Association via Premier

Swiss bishop: Abuse crisis ‘is related to homosexuality’ by Maike Hickson, LifeSite

Enough Already by Anthony Esolen, The Catholic Thing

The must-cover ‘Big Ideas’ at heart of the complex Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis by Terry Mattingly, Get Religion

Fackenheim’s Law and the Current Catholic Crisis by George Weigel, EPPC

US Church homosexual priests scandal is a sequel to the story of Sodom and Gomorrah by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

Why Priests Won’t Protest Violations of Clerical Celibacy by

Gay Boys To Gay Men by Rod Dreher, American Conservative

Abuse survivors deserve more from Pope Francis by Peter Saunders, UnHerd

Pope Francis’s letter on abuse was not enough. We need action by Christopher Altieri, Catholic Herald

A Crisis of Infidelity by Robert P George, First Things

U.S. bishop: Clerical abuse is ‘predominately homosexual behavior’ by James Risdon, LifeSite

Yes, Homosexuality Within The Priesthood Is A Problem by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire

Pope blames U.S. sex abuse crisis on ‘clericalism,’ leaves out homosexuality by Lisa Bourne, LifeSite

Pope Francis’s Failed Abuse Letter by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Bishop’s blistering letter: Time to root out ‘homosexual subculture’ in Church hierarchy by Patrick B Craine, LifeSite

Sexual abuse in the churches, by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

The present crisis and the work of Satan, by Dwight Longenecker

Bishop Morlino: Homosexual Subculture in Church ‘Wreaking Great Devastation’, Church Militant

Homosexual predators, not paedophile priests are the church’s deadly cancer, by Jules Gomes, VirtueOnline:

Traitors in their midst, by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

Rod Was Right and I Was Wrong by Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine

A failing Episcopal establishment, by R R Reno, First Things

The abuse crisis casts doubt on the whole post-Vatican II settlement by Matthew Schmitz, Catholic Herald

Watch: Anglican Unscripted #429 – The Shame in PA

‘The murder of souls’ – covering massive Pennsylvania sex abuse doc = brutal assignment, by Julia Duin, Get Religion

Cleansing the Church of clerical sacrilege, by Dominic Legge, O.P., First Things

“Gay” Priests? An Open Letter to Fr. James Martin by Jim Russell, Crisis Magazine

Clergy abuse sex scandal, from The Ruth Institute: Fr. Paul Sullins

Pennsylvania report details decades of sexual abuse by priests, by David DeKok, Reuters

Report: Cardinal close to Pope is protecting cadre of gay seminarians in Honduras, LifeSite

Seven lessons from the McCarrick case, by Jeffrey Tranzillo, Crisis Magazine

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