Celebrated film attacks Christian values

Jun 29, 2018 by

from Christian Institute.

The Shape of Water won this year’s Oscar for Best Picture, and was released this week on DVD….[The film] sees Elisa – a lonely, mute woman – employed as a cleaner at a secret US Government facility during the Cold War. When a dangerous ‘merman’ is brought from the Amazon River to be examined by the military, Elisa embarks on a romantic and subsequently physical relationship with it. When it is set to be killed, Elisa must risk everything to save her amphibious lover.

The pantomime villain of the piece is a “scripture-quoting sadist” called Strickland. He mistreats the creature and calls it an “affront”, because it isn’t made in the image of God. Strickland has many monstrous qualities. But instead of simply denouncing them, del Toro chooses to equate them with Christian values. The Bible is misrepresented as brutal and judgemental, lacking any compassion or empathy.

In a parallel story we meet Giles, Elisa’s gay next-door neighbour. He attempts to pick up a waiter at a family restaurant and is thrown out. The persecution he experiences is supposed to mirror the creature’s suffering at the hands of Strickland.

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