Change Oriented Therapies (COTs) and SAFE-T

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from Core Issues Trust:

Core Issues Trust advocates Change Orientated Therapies (COTs), otherwise known as change-allowing therapies. Most commonly these are practised within the context of the SAFE-T (Sexual Attraction Fluidity Exploration in Therapy) model. We support the use of standard modalities (methods) to support those who want to move away from homosexual feelings, behaviours and attractions.  It’s important to know that there is no special or “exotic” therapeutic or counselling approach promoted by the Trust by which to do this.

Many standard counselling approaches can be used to consider the issue of unwanted attractions and behaviours.  SAFE-T practitioners simply explore the recognised sexual fluidity that sexual attractions are known to reflect – for many persons. The value of doing so is to empower clients to make informed choices about the pathway they wish to follow in resolving conflicts around sexual identity, feelings, behaviours and patterns. SAFE-T work is a non-directive protocol. The pejorative, imposed term “Conversion Therapy” coined by APA activist Patrick Haldeman (1994)1 conveys the idea that special therapy is invoked and that any work problematising sexual fluidity or seeking to resolve conflict in respect to client primary values and personal goals is “Conversion Therapy”. We reject this caricature.

Core Issues Trust is committed to the values and gudelines articulated by the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (here).  We have offered our views on the UK Government’s intention to ban therapeutic choice, and what it might do to regulate practioners (here).  We have examined and highlighted the fundamental flaws of the “National Faith and Sexuality Survery” (here). We have articulated the dangers of banning thereapeutic choice for society here. Finally we have provided an overview of the Trust’s Safeguarding Policies and Practices, here.

Basic Overview of Change Oriented Therapies:

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