Charles, Defender of the Faithful persecuted for Jesus’ sake

Dec 5, 2018 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

Yesterday, from the pulpit of Westminster Abbey, the Prince of Wales made a plea for peace; and not only peace, but for reconciliation. And not only did he make a plea for peace and reconciliation, but a proclamation of the resilience and perseverance of suffering Christians in the Middle East. “We pray for all the people of the Holy Land and the surrounding nations. We pray that they may live in harmony with one another,” said the Dean. But Charles’ mind was on a specific community of a particular faith: “They are an inspiration to the whole church,” he said, mindful of those who have been crucified, beheaded, drowned, burned alive, or forced to flee for their lives from the murderous threats if ISIS. “Those who remain faithful in suffering are beacons,” declared the Archbishop of Canterbury, as the congregation lit candles to remember the Light of the World. You want to see a witness? The persecuted faithful of the Middle East have found their advocate: the future Defender of the Faith is a defender of the faithful persecuted for Jesus’ sake:

…in coming together today, we can only give thanks for the truly remarkable strength of the Faith with which so many Christians face persecution, and which gives them the courage and the determination to endure, and to overcome.

This wasn’t the first time he has pointed the eyes of the world to what is going on in the Middle East. In December 2014 he spoke of the “unbearable suffering” and “indescribable agony” of Iraq’s Christians. Their eradication is “beyond belief”, he said. This came just a month after his ‘pastoral letter‘ to the suffering church:

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