Children need protecting from the transgender agenda, symposium is told

May 17, 2018 by

Church of England Newspaper May 18

The real area in which young children need safeguarding is from the false ideology of the Transgender agenda.

That was the message at the launch of “The New Normal – the Transgender Agenda”( Wilberforce Publications) in central London.

To mark the launch a symposium including doctors, theologians, philosophers, historians and students of culture underlined the dangers to children and society.

They blamed this on the pressure to change the law on gender reassignment as people are prosecuted in the legal system by those anticipating a change in the law.

Speakers said that children at school now find themselves the battleground of this latest stage in identity politics.

It was state that some, as young as six years old, find themselves having to call as girls children who are physically boys. Some schools are going beyond the law, it was claimed, in requiring children to use the ‘correct’ pronoun if a child as young as six choses to present as a different gender.

Such a policy has been made by individual councils, and followed by the Church of England. But no law or national policy requires it, it was pointed out.

The world of medicine recognizes ‘gender dysphoria’ as a distressing condition calling for compassion and care. But this occurs only in one in ten thousand males and one in thirty thousand females.

Treatment for children who report feeling ‘uncomfortable’ in their birth body, by providing puberty blockers, hormone treatment and eventually surgery, has no basis in evidence of the long term effects of puberty blockers in children on their bone growth and fertility.

Speakers said that such treatment also goes beyond the law which only allows gender reassignment over 18.

Those present claimed that eighty percent of such children realise after puberty who they are,  and fifty per cent of those referred to the gender reassignment clinics remain with their birth body.

“A massive untested experiment is being carried out on children” said Dr Peter Saunders, one of the contributors: “This is genital mutilation, not surgery. Both policy and medicine are going ahead of the law and of the medical evidence.”

Such an ideological approach has dangers for society, Carys Moseley told the meeting. “
‘It seems possible that civil servants do not have free speech on this matter, given that criticism of this agenda may be deemed hate speech. There is infiltration at very high levels. Churches are intimidated and confused.”

The implications of the current Gender Recognition Act had not been thought through. Some key government statistics have been allowing a “Gender Unknown” column alongside ‘male’ and ‘female’ for a few years now, and many police forces do not record data on whether criminals have a transgender status.

It was claimed to make gender ‘just a choice’ erodes trust in public institutions: “If we do not tell each other the truth about who we are as male or female, we will be in a great deal of trouble.”

The work of David Davis MP for Monmouth was commended in raising questions in a meeting in Parliament at the end of 2017 with others concerned about ‘trans’ women using female toilets, and protecting women’s safe spaces from people born as men.

Professor Robert Lopez decried how in the USA many who raised funds for their political campaigns by supporting traditional understandings of gender, eventually traded away their commitment for other gains.

Others noted how when some parents in the UK objected to such ideology being forced on children in school, everyone ‘went quiet and disappeared’ and the Church of England ‘went silent’.

But Professor Lopez pointed out that much public sympathy for the LGBT movement came from concern for their struggles in the past for fairness for poor and minority homosexual people. But he claimed the movement had become power-driven and heartless and so would lose public support.

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