Christianity, the State, and Blind Obedience

May 5, 2020 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

It is frightening how Christians can twist the biblical teaching on the role of the state:

The biblical Christian knows at least two things about the state: one, God created government to bring about order and a modicum of justice in a fallen world; and two, the state is not absolute, but must be under the rule and reign of God. As such, biblical Christians cannot be anarchists, and they cannot be blind supporters of the state either.

I have often discussed the former matter, as I take on radical libertarians and the like – even Christian ones. See here for example:

And here:

But as the corona crisis drags on, we see the opposite error far too often throughout the West: the rise of ugly statism and blind submission to the state. We see so many governments usurping their role and overextending their powers, all at the expense of individual freedoms. Liberty is being trashed as the state grows in power and control.

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