Christians and religious freedom

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Statement on Israel Folauby Martyn Iles, Australian Christian Lobby: “To censor Israel Folau is to censor millions of Australians who believe that sin is real, hell is real, and salvation in Jesus Christ is the equal answer for all, regardless of our identity or background. When a belief is disagreed with, however vehemently, it should be critiqued, not censored. That is how a mature, democratic society works.”

The new terror: we are watching you; one wrong word and we’ll remove you from your job, by Andrew Williams, Christian Concern. Felix Ngole was barred from training as a social worker because of biblical views expressed on social media. “Freedom of speech is hanging by a thread; and this is by a combination of governmental policy and because of our vacillating and weak courts. Better not say what you think at school, university, or work….Felix’s case is important because it illuminates the open hostility to the teaching of Christ by our elites and whether we truly live in a ‘free’ society where people can have different views on social issues.”

The solid, slightly out-of-season Christian case for religious liberty, by Steven D. Smith, Public Discourse. “…the central ideas that animated leading modern proponents of religious freedom are traceable back to ancient and early modern Christian sources.”

Why is Facebook censoring a conference on Christianity and religious freedom? by Augusto Zimmermann, Spectator Australia: “…is intolerance of Christians slowly creeping into our western societies?…This and other correlating issues will be addressed in ‘Religious Freedom at the Crossroads – The Rise of Anti-Christian Sentiment in the West’ – a timely legal conference to be held at Sheridan College in Perth, Western Australia, from June 14-15. Facebook, however…has arbitrarily censored this significant event.”

Christians abandoned by the liberal Westby Kathy Gyngell, The Conservative Woman

UK foreign aid could be linked to progress on religious freedom, from Christian Institute

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