Christians Aren’t Leaving the Church, the Church is Leaving Them

Mar 29, 2018 by

by David Kurten, Breitbart:

A new report published by Bristol University at the weekend studying data from the British Social Attitudes Survey about attitudes to immigration among faith groups shows overwhelming opposition to the current high levels of immigration into the UK.

This is unsurprising. The rapid, mass, uncontrolled immigration into Britain in recent times is unprecedented. More people have immigrated to the UK in the last 20 years than in the previous 900 years going back to the Norman conquest, with over 5 million migrants net since 1997, swelling the population of the country to record high levels. These are just the people counted by the government’s extremely poor and slapdash methods. It doesn’t include those who have smuggled themselves in on the back of a lorry or on a dinghy in the middle of the night.

The report shows that 87 per cent of Anglicans want immigration reduced, compared to 77 per cent of the population as a whole.

What caught the eye of the BBC however, who put together a report on the findings, was that regular churchgoers across all Christian denominations were less inclined to want to reduce immigration. 66 per cent of those attending weekly or more said they wanted to reduce immigration — a clear majority, but lower than the 81 per cent of those who attend once a year and 86 per cent of those who say they are Christian but never attend church.

The report states that it does not know the reason for this, but puts forward the idea of ‘cultural defence’ — although this is not defined and unsubstantiated.

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