Christians encouraged to wage war on Christmas

Nov 12, 2019 by

by Ruth Sax, Premier:

Christian historian and columnist for the Daily Telegraph, Tim Stanley is calling for Christians to reclaim Christmas, saying the true meaning of it is being ignored and forgotten, writing in the Telegraph he is calling for Christians to “boycott it to save it.”

The true meaning of Christmas is being left further and further behind, he said: “Last week, I walked into a Costa Coffee, heard the sound of ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas,’ and walked straight out again. This is what we all need to do. I, Tim Stanley – a right-wing Christian and member of the National Trust – am calling for a war on Christmas.”

Stanley told Premier: “I get that if you really, really love Christmas, of course you’re going to want more of it more of the time. The problem is that I think it is psychologically a little unhealthy to spend six weeks preparing for what many people spend one or two days on.

“It doesn’t really reflect what Christians are supposed to believe, which is that first you have the Advent season, which is about leading up to Christmas. Then from the 25th onwards, depending of course on which particular Christian church you are a member of, you then have the Christmas period, which in fact, lasts much longer, and there is a season of family and prayer and things like that. So, I find this tension between what the shops sell us as being Christmas and what Christmas actually theologically means, I find that tension really, really difficult to struggle with.”

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