Christians finally told they can wear cross and religious symbols at work

May 13, 2018 by

from Sunday Express:

BELIEVERS can wear crucifixes and other symbols at work, new official guidance will warn and dress codes will NOT be allowed to ban such items. Non-compliant companies could be fined or forced to pay compensation.

Equalities minister Victoria Atkins is rounding on religious intolerance as long as symbols do not interfere with the ability to do the job.

Five years ago Christian check-in clerk Nadia Eweida won her case against British Airways after it told her to hide her white gold cross.

Ms Atkins said that the Government would not put up with intolerance.

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Editor’s note: Readers should be aware that although Ms Eweida won her long battle against British Airways, in practice she still continues to face bullying and harassment from her employer for the stand which she took, and BA are still finding ways to prevent staff wear visible crosses. While government ministers may make these statements about principles, on the ground there continues to be discrimination against Christians who publicly display their faith.

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