Christians in danger as result of Turkish offensive

Oct 11, 2019 by

by Cara Bentley, Premier:

Christians are expressing concern for fellow believers in the Kurdish area of Northern Syria as Turkish forces enter the region, with others saying Christians are glad Trump’s troops have left.

This week, Turkish forces have attacked northern Syria, where many Kurdish people live, as well as Arabs, Syrians and Christians, with the president of Turkey saying it is to prevent a ‘terror corridor’ and create a ‘safe zone’.

American troops were supporting Kurds in northern Syria until President Trump withdrew them, something which is now being criticised for leaving Kurdish people and Christians in the region vulnerable to Turkish attack.

Evangelist Franklin Graham, a long-standing supporter of Donald Trump, wrote on social media that he was praying Trump would reconsider his move.

“The Kurds are the ones who have been leading the fight against ISIS in Syria. Also pray for the Christians who the Kurds have been protecting.

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