Church may ditch ‘husband’ and ‘wife’

May 22, 2021 by

by Wallace B Henley, Christian Post:

The Church of Scotland’s General Assembly will soon consider a proposal to erase “husband” and “wife” from its official marriage ceremony.[1]

Changing worldview and their inherent values are gradually bringing about a slow but accelerating fade of marriage as described in the Bible.

It’s not just the homosexual movement impacting the view of marriage, but the wide acceptance of pre- and non-marital sex even among purported Christians. In a 2020 survey, Pew Research found that forty-six percent—nearly half—of Evangelical Americans see no problem with sex outside of marriage, despite Bible teachings.

As a minister ordained in 1962, I can look back over the years and attest to the fact that the number of weddings I was asked to perform shrunk significantly.

Biblical instructions have faded into the searing flashes of one-night stands, common-law marriage, and casual couplings.

In addition, given the homosexual movement, “husband” and “wife” are awkward terms.

What civil governments do with marriage is public business, subject to the voters, However, civil government has no constitutional authority to order a church or a denomination of churches to alter their doctrines of marriage and sexual relationships.

Too often, however, governments do not have to give such mandates because there are churches who will bow to contemporary political correctness on their own, in the name of relevance.

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