Church must ‘step up’ to stop spread of transgender ideology, says ex-trans man

Feb 13, 2020 by

from Christian Today:

The Church of England must “step up” to “halt” the spread of transgender ideology in schools, says a man who had a sex change to become a woman before experiencing regret and detransitioning.

Peter Benjamin, 61, was today sharing his experience of sex change regret at a fringe event at the Church of England General Synod organised by Christian Concern CEO, Andrea Minichiello Williams.

Speaking ahead of the event, Benjamin said he was concerned about the use of books in schools like “10,000 Dresses”, about a boy called Bailey who dreams of wearing dresses.

“Today when I see and hear of books being read to children in schools such as ‘10,000 Dresses’, I see the same influence that led me to this harmful addiction,” he said.

“More must be done to protect our children, not to encourage them to pursue the same destructive path that I have had.

“Children are impressionable, the government can’t see what harm they are doing, and neither can the Department for Education. The Church of England therefore must step up and halt this influence before it’s too late.” 

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