Church of England bishops to remain in reformed House of Lords

Nov 1, 2017 by

from ACNS:

The 26 Church of England bishops with places in the upper house of the UK’s Parliament will retain their places under new plans to reform the House of Lords. Bishops have been part of England’s governance since absolute rule by monarchs in the days long before the emergence of democracy in the country. Today the House of Lords includes the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, the Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester, and 21 other diocesan bishops by seniority of service. For a short transitional period, women in the episcopate take precedence over male colleagues in filling vacancies in the 21 other bishops.

There are currently 824 members of the House of Lords. Traditionally, they were made up of bishops and Hereditary Peers – descendants of Barons and Lords appointed by previous monarchs for services to the Crown. Other members include Life Peers – political appointments made by the Monarch on the advice of the political parties in the House of Commons.

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[Editor’s note: But at what price?] Read also: Followers of the Church of England, or followers of Christ (comment from Voice for Justice UK)


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