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A selection of recent articles about the Church of England, most recent at the top, updated regularly:

Church of England urged ‘to recover its confidence in God’ amid widespread indifference, from Christian Today:
Rev Stephen Hance, the CofE’s ‘national lead for evangelism and witness’ made the call following publication of research showing how the CofE is perceived. A ‘mission map’ quoted in the research, ‘Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us’ indicated that nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) of the UK population were either indifferent or dismissive of church and faith.

The closing of the Episcopal mind, by Capel Loft, The Critic:
Church of England’s leaders have, again and again since at least the eighteenth century, “readily adopted the progressive idealism common to liberal opinion within the intelligentsia, of which they were a part”.

Should the Church of England be disestablished? by Jonathan Chaplin, Law & Religion UK:
Chaplin summarises and reviews his own recent book which explains ‘establishment’, argues for its phasing out, and explains how it could be done. Bible-based Anglicans may come to different conclusions, but it’s helpful for the question to be raised and key issues clarified and discussed – Editor.

CofE finances under scrutiny as church buildings threatened with closure, from Religion Media Centre

Big guns wheeled out in defence of the parish system in the Church of England, by Julian Mann, Anglican Ink

Another set of resources in CofE consultation on sexuality, from Religion Media Centre: The new resource is called “The Gift of the Church” and bishops will be given opportunities to “shape it” in the coming weeks and then consider it in their “discernment processing” during the autumn.

Richard Coles ‘frustrated’ at lack of LGBT equality in the Church of England, from Premier

Southwark Cathedral to Host “Queer Holiness”–An Evening with Charlie Bell, from English Churchman:
Bell is a Church of England Deacon, an academic specialising in psychiatry, and a prominent LGBT activist. The forward to his his new book on “Queer holiness” is written by respected Bishop of Worcester John Inge.

MBE for former Prayer Book Society Chairman, from the PBS: Prudence Dailey, the former Chairman of the Prayer Book Society, has been awarded an MBE in The Queen’s Birthday Honours List for services to the Book of Common Prayer. [Editor’s note: Prudence continues to be a great servant of and advocate for Anglican orthodoxy and the local parish church.]

The Church of England, money, people, and mission, by Ian Paul, Psephizo:
The Church Commissioners have been successful in growing financial assets. How should this best be invested in ensuring that parish ministry continues all over the country, at a time of decline in church attendance?

Is the C of E’s ‘Living in Love and Faith’ project coherent? by Andrew MacFarlane, Psephizo:
LLF largely reflects the views of a woke, privileged elite class – “…the CoE might find itself better served by distancing itself from modern social ideologies… that are already losing social traction. Church attendance will not swell because the CoE blesses same-sex marriage or baptizes new gender identities; the spread of Christianity worldwide simply reflects the truth of the Gospel and a face-to-face encounter with Jesus.”

CEEC film suggests the scale of Church of England differences in views on human sexuality too great to be ‘papered over’ – Press Release:
The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) has today [25th May] released the third in a collection of films designed to help churches engage with issues around human sexuality. “I don’t believe we are at liberty to simply rewrite scripture…” says Keith Sinclair, National Director, CEEC.

Net Zero.. racial justice.. mental health.. What exactly are cathedrals for? by Archbishop Cranmer:
Senior church figures urge the church to get behind these causes, without explaining the distinctive message of the gospel. “Did somebody mention Jesus?”

Parish Poverty – Reduce the Number of Bishops to Lighten the Load, by Donald Clarke, Church Treasurer, from English Churchman:
“There can be no possible justification for the continued existence of 42 dioceses with their 114 (now even more) bishops to support fewer than 7,000 parish clergy when 200 years ago only 26 were needed for 25,000 parish priests.”

What’s wrong with multi-faith worship? by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern:
Did the Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey breach Church of England canon law, which states that all services “shall be neither contrary to, not indicative of any departure from, the doctrine of the Church of England in any essential matter” (Canon B5)?

Media project to change the narrative around Christianity, by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre:
The Church of England is setting up the Centre for Cultural Witness, featuring a website which will offer information on the “basics of Christianity”, opinion pieces and articles on the influence of Christianity on culture, comments on cultural trends and issues in the news with a particular Christian take on it. It will include stories of the impact that the Christian faith has upon individuals and communities around the UK and the world.

Gay marriages could be considered as soon as next year by the Church of England, by James Webster, ITV News:
Article and short documentary film looks at some of the issues from a secular progressive perspective, including interviews with church members and clergy in favour of and opposed to same sex marriage in church.

Church of England national funding to increase 30% to support and develop ministry especially with young people and disadvantaged communities, from the Church of England Media Centre:
The Church Commissioners plan to distribute £3.6 billion to frontline work of the Church of England between 2023 and 2031, making the Church Commissioners and Archbishops’ Council among the largest grant givers in the country.

Why do white middle class clergy find it so hard to accept that I don’t see racism lurking in every corner?
by Calvin Robinson, Mail+:
“The Church of England’s anti-racism policy is based on a faith in Left-wing Critical Race Theory and virtue-signalling, instead of the teachings of Christ. I believe it is divisive and offensive.”

More on Calvin Robinson:

Why is the Church of England so obsessed with racism? by Damian Thompson, Spectator: Interview with Calvin Robinson.

Calvin Robinson and the state of the Church of England – Round the Table, from Christian Concern:
Is the CofE institutionally racist? Has the CofE adopted a new religion? And how can Christians respond? Calvin Robinson in discussion with Tim Dieppe and Andrea Williams

Welby’s Church, the woke crackpots’ Trojan horse, by Gerard Docherty, TCW

How to Return the Church to God & Reverse Its Wokery:
Ordinand and political commentator Calvin Robinson’s talk given at a recent event organised by the New Culture Forum.

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