Church of England: refusal to back gay marriage and acceptance of clergy blessings

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Living in Love and Faith at the College of Bishops and the House of Bishops – January 2023

6 Feb General Synod Agenda for  on Living in Love and Faith

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LLF Next Steps Group meeting on 1 February 2023

Welby ‘would rather see C of E disestablished than split over same-sex marriage’ by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

Why the Church must decide now on same-sex marriage: Revisionist view from Jayne Ozanne, Church Times

Bishops outline commitment to orthodox teaching on marriage in light of LLF decision by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Last rites for LLF? by Andrew Goddard, Fulcrum

14 CofE Bishops affirm Church of England’s Doctrine of Marriage

Our relationshp with the Church of England, St Helen’s Bishopsgate

Living in Love and Faith: College of Deans response, English Cathedrals

Carlisle bishops back traditional marriage, Anglican Ink

8 reasons why the CofE’s same-sex proposals won’t work by Sean Doherty, Premier

“We Cannot Bless what is contrary to God’s revealed will”: Former Bishop of Maidstone from VOL

Grassroots Anglicans call on Evangelical Bishops to reject plans for blessing same-sex unions

CEEC formally responds to House of Bishops’ proposals and subsequent public communications

Living in Love and Faith (LLF): Legal Issues (II) from Law & Religion UK

Authority, Autonomy, and the crisis of contemporary Anglicanism: Thesis 2 by Stephen Noll

Bishops are departing from orthodox teaching by Gavin Calver, Premier

Failing the Green Test II: A critical examination of the advice from the Church of England’s Legal Office by Martin Davie

Justin Welby says the CofE has taken “a huge step” in recognising same-sex ‘marriages’ from Christian Concern

Statement from the Church of England regarding GFSA statement

The Church of England: Not of Sound Mind by Peter Mullen, Crisis Magazine

Conservatives have certainly changed their tune on gay marriage by Tim Stanley, Telegraph

Same-sex blessings in the C of E: Response by Ugandan Archbishop Steven Kaziimba, AAC

Welby fails to calm protestors outside Lambeth Palace by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Adoption of gay blessings would lead to the removal of Welby as leader of the Anglican world — warn Global South archbishops, Anglican Ink

Traditional teaching is now a safeguarding issue by Bernard Randall, The Critic

Sorry, Anglicans, There Is No Third Way by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative

It’s official: homosexuality is no longer a sin by David Virtue, VoL

What bishops have to say about the LFF proposals – a roundup from Thinking Anglicans

The Hypocrisy of Authoritarian Bishops by Lee Gatiss, Church Society

WATCH: Woe to the English Bishops – with Lee Gatiss and Ben Kwashi

Archbishop of York says sexual immorality is not sinful, Christian Concern

Amendment will seek to tip Synod toward permitting same-sex marriage by Francis Martin, Church Times (£)

Church of England could face first ever vote on same sex marriage by Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph (£)

Failing the Green Test – a critical examination of the material from the House of Bishops by Martin Davie

Move to get CofE Synod to vote on support for same sex marriage, Religion Media Centre

Homosexuals must no longer be chaste in order to lead godly lives, Bishop of London says by George Conger, Anglican Ink

WATCH:  Revd Dr Ian Paul expresses astonishment at a report by a group of bishops which recommends CofE churches offer “prayers of dedication, thanksgiving and for God’s blessing” for people who have been through a same-sex civil ceremony from The Christian Institute

Synod vote will gauge support for same-sex marriage, The Times (£)

Archbishop of York ’emotional’ as he welcomes blessings for same-sex couples by Simon Walton, Yahoo

Will the Anglican Communion hold together? by Susie Leafe, Christian Today

Gay sex not a sin, Archbishop of York says, if blessed by the CoE by George Conger, Anglican Ink

Church’s ham-fisted blessing an affront to same-sex couples by Julian Mann, TCW

Q&A: Every word from the Church of England’s same-sex marriage press conference, Premier

CofE same-sex blessings will lead to change in doctrine, say evangelicals, CT

WATCH:  Commentary from ‘Irreverends’ Tom Pelham and Jamie Franklin (16 minutes in)

What are the bishops saying and doing in response to the end of LLF? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

The Church of England’s statement today is illogical, lamentable and predictable, from Anglican Futures

Evangelicals may reject authority of liberal bishops in Church of England by David Baker, Christian Today

Roundup of reactions from Religion Media Centre

Bishop of Manchester | Living in Love and Faith Letter

The Church of England Takes a “Third Way” on Gay Marriage by Carl R Trueman, First Things

Draft prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and for God’s blessing for same-sex couples published, Press Release

What now for the Church of England and gay marriage? by Tim Wyatt, Premier

Bishops’ same-sex plans do not need General Synod’s consent by Francis Martin, Church Times

Bishop of Southwark suggests bishops will authorize same-sex blessings even if synod rejects the innovation, Anglican Ink

‘Incoherent’ response by bishops to same-sex marriage will only prolong the agony by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre

A Tale of Two Privileges: or, the Existential Choice for the Church of England by Joshua Penduck, Psephizo

Response to CofE Bishops Statement by Foley Beach

Responding to the Bishops’ Proposals for Same-Sex Blessings by Lee Gatiss, Church Society

C of E bishops’ compromise on same-sex marriage will not settle painful divisions by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

A response from South Africa to the approval of same-sex blessings

Statement from Council of Bishops of The Society

CHURCH OF ENGLAND: Bishops propose prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and for God’s blessing for same-sex couples, VOL

Evangelicals lament Church of England’s plans to introduce blessings for same-sex couples, Christian Today

Church of England refuse to back gay marriage by Harry Farley, BBC News

Bishops propose prayers of thanksgiving, dedication and for God’s blessing for same-sex couples, Church of England website

C of E bishops to apologise after rejecting same-sex marriage in church by Donna Birrell, Premier



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