Church of England urged ‘to recover its confidence in God’ amid widespread indifference

Jun 21, 2022 by

from Christian Today:

A senior Church of England adviser has called on the CofE to recover its “confidence in God and in the gospel” and “to communicate that gospel before all else with humility and sensitivity, but also boldness.”

Rev Stephen Hance, the CofE’s ‘national lead for evangelism and witness’ made the call following publication of research showing how the CofE is perceived. Among a range of findings, the research showed that “very many people have no real sense of who or what the church is, who it is for, or how it operates.”

Many people, it found, “do not think about the church at all.”

A ‘mission map’ quoted in the research, Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us’ indicated that nearly two-thirds (62 per cent) of the UK population were either indifferent or dismissive of church and faith.

Commenting on the overall research that he had conducted as part of a CofE project to help the church articulate a new vision and strategy, Rev Hance said that it contained important messages of confidence and courage.

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