Church of England’s future?

Feb 15, 2021 by

Does the Church of England have a future? by Michael Nazir-Ali:

“Like many institutions, the Church of England has been hit hard by Covid. Compulsory church closures, and the present limited opening, have emptied both pews and collection plates, even if more people are tuning in online. In such circumstances it is necessary for any organisation to concentrate on its core tasks. For the Church this means the spiritual care of people and providing the nation with the resources of faith and hope, working out in practical help for those in need of company or counselling, food or shelter. Many local clergy and congregations have been doing just that and these unsung heroes need to be acknowledged for their great work.

[…The] report Money, People and Buildings …recommends massive cuts in the very areas which make up what is most valuable about the Church, whilst saying little about the future of its still huge bureaucracy and its power over the totality of the Church’s historic and contemporary resources.


Is the Church of England on the brink of collapse? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

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C of E Response to article in Spectator, by William Nye, Church of England website

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A fifth of Church of England worshippers may not return after pandemic endsfrom Christian Today:

Shutdown of churches and ban on weddings during Covid crisis has cost Church of England ‘£150MILLION’ and could trigger a cull of parishesby Steven Doughty, Mailonline

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