‘Churches preaching the Bible are the ones that thrive’

Apr 14, 2019 by

from The Christian Institute:

Churches preaching the Bible as the word of God “are the ones that are growing” in the UK, a Church of England minister has said.Revd Robin Weekes – of Emmanuel church in Wimbledon – made the comments in a stern riposte to comments from a former Bishop of Edinburgh.Richard Holloway wrote in the Spectator magazine that Jesus was merely a “spiritual and prophetic genius” and the New Testament just an “untidy bundle of writings”.


Holloway, who led the Anglican church in Scotland in the 1980s, was reviewing a book on the history of the Bible by academic John Barton.

In it, Holloway himself acknowledged that growing churches are “usually those that take a conservative approach to the interpretation of the Bible”.

But he called for people to “settle for” a relaxed attitude towards their beliefs, concluding: “After all, which of us really knows what’s going on?”

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