Churchianity or Christianity: The need for scriptural cultural theology

Mar 27, 2018 by

By Joe Boot, Christian Concern:

The impact of the Christian faith upon the cultural history of the West is inescapably visible all around us, yet is currently under threat. Questions need to be answered. What is the nature of the relationship of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the society in which we live? What is the relationship of God’s Word-revelation to the Christian’s life in the world? Joe Boot introduces these questions in this first of a series of articles.

The impact of the Christian faith upon the cultural history of the West is inescapably visible all around us. From the church buildings in every Toronto city block, to the spires at the centre of every English village, the geography of town and country is testament to a once-vital faith. Indeed Christianity’s formative religious power is not just around us to observe in buildings and monuments, it continues to actually inhabit the people of the Western world, even when they are unaware of it, discreetly hidden in their language, customs and common assumptions. From some of the greatest works of art, literature, music, and architecture that the West ever produced, and which can still thrill the heart, to the names of hospitals and schools – in fact embedded in the mottos of some of the most prestigious universities – the cultural vestiges of Christianity are ubiquitous. And yet it is no longer controversial to assert that the Christian church has, for the most part, ceased to be a truly moving force in the affairs of Western civilisation. As the noted Christian philosopher Calvin Seerveld has put it, “a foreign dynamic and the neo-pagan spirit of the Renaissance is shaping the culture of the world at the moment…but because God and the church are dead to the world there has inevitably come an all-encompassing, frustrating loss of order, certainty and security in the world, and that is disturbing even to those who suppress the truth in unrighteousness.”

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