CofE evangelicals announce alternative bishops against same sex blessings

Nov 20, 2023 by

from Religion Media Centre:

The Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC) is setting up an “episcopal panel”  of three bishops who will look after the spiritual needs of clergy who disagree with same sex blessings.  The leader will be the former Bishop of Blackburn, Julian Henderson, and the two others have yet to be named.

CEEC said in a statement that it was not confident that the CofE discussions on structures for people who disagree would secure “orthodox life and witness” going forward, so it is setting up a structure itself.

Today (Monday) it is also setting up its own alternative financial structure called “The Ephesian Fund” so that churches who disagree can pay into that fund to support like minded churches.

In an interview for Sunday on BBC Radio 4, the CEEC national director, Canon John Dunnett said they were talking about large numbers of clergy who had lost confidence in the spiritual leadership of their bishops. He said the CEEC was providing temporary support, but it wasn’t a split or schism: “That is the narrative of the mischievous”. The detailed plans were made public on Friday – 48 hours after the synod voted for trial services for same sex blessings.

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