CofE evangelicals start parallel province in dispute over same-sex marriage

Jul 10, 2024 by

from Religion Media Centre:

One of the loudest evangelical groups in the Church of England says it will start a parallel province over Synod’s decision to move towards approval of prayers for same-sex blessings in “stand-alone services”.

John Dunnett, national director of the Church of England Evangelical Council (CEEC), said: “It is deeply disappointing that despite hearing repeatedly in speeches of the need to build trust by avoiding bad process …  synod passed the motion, and the prayers of love and faith bus continues to move forward. General Synod’s decision will sadly trigger the launch of a de facto parallel province … and CEEC will work with our partners in the Alliance to make this a reality”.

The CEEC has already started a fund in which churches opposed to same-sex blessings can deposit their money, rather than with the CofE. It has also already organised a service this Friday, at All Souls Church, Langham Place, to create “overseers”, who will take over the bishops’ role of pastoral oversight and spiritual help to clergy opposed to same sex blessings. But the CEEC says it is not leaving the church: “We are committed to remaining within the Church of England and hope that the bishops will come to the table to negotiate an acceptable settlement.”

Full statement here.


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