College chapels survey shows students more likely to attend church

Mar 28, 2018 by

by Mark Woods, Christian Today:

Figures collected by the Church of England on worship attendance at three top English universities show a startlingly high level of participation in college chapel services.

Fifty-six college chapels in the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham were asked about their activities during 2016. Responses were received from 46.

As well as figures about confirmations, marriages and funerals, colleges were asked for the first time about their ‘worshipping community’ – those who attend the chapel regularly, for example at least twice a term.

Oxford, Cambridge, and Durham college chapels reported a total worshipping community of 4,688 people.

On average, just over a fifth of the college student body are part of the worshipping community, the report says.

Figures for midweek attendance were provided by 41 chapels, which reported figures of just over 4,000, nearly a third of whom were students.

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