Come out and admit it, Mr Farron. You’re a conservative

May 13, 2018 by

by David Kurten, The Conservative Woman:

Poor Tim Farron. He really is having a hard time of it pretending to be a liberal. His problem is that he chose to get involved in politics by joining the Liberal Democrats thinking they were still classic liberals who promoted freedom of thought and speech, and who would respect his Christian, conservative views on marriage and the family. Unfortunately for Mr Farron, just like the Gremlins of the eponymous movie, which turn from cute little bunnies into hideous destructive monsters, liberalism has morphed into a hideous destructive monster called ‘progressivism’ after being corrupted by the ideologies of Marx, Gramsci and Marcuse, among others.

This renders Farron’s Christian and conservative beliefs as thought crimes, and after the election campaign of 2017 he was forced to resign as leader of his party. His tragedy is that he bent over backwards to pretend to be a right-on progressive liberal, but somebody noticed that in an interview with Cathy Newman on Channel 4 from 2015, he didn’t affirm strongly enough his support for abortion and same-sex marriage.

Sadly for him, this interview did not disappear down the memory hole like the most embarrassing moments of real progressive Leftists who toe the politically correct lines. During an excruciating few minutes he admitted that he thought personally that abortion was wrong, but stated that he would not change the law on it. This was not good enough for Big Sister Newman. Farron should have known that a private belief which goes against the politically correct position is not allowed. You are required to love Big Brother.

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