Construction workers arrested, fined, fired for laughing at men dressed as women

May 25, 2019 by

by Jonathon Van Maran, LifeSite:

While the transgender ideology may have swept the upper echelons of society within a mere half-decade, most ordinary men and women are still not buying into its premises. As I noted in this space last year, the transgender ideology is being imposed from the top-down, and the backlash to elitist demands that we believe in the fantasy of so-called “pregnant men” and “female penises” is growing, especially in the ranks of feminists and other unlikely allies. I’ve often said that one easy way to prove that most people have not yet managed to swallow the absurdities of transgenderism is a simple litmus test: Go onto any construction site and begin asking the workers there if they think that men can get pregnant. It is wildly unlikely that you will find a single one.

In February, the Edinburgh News reported a story that seems to confirm my hunch. Bizarrely, a construction worker named Graham Spiers was actually arrested and given an enormous fine for allegedly “pointing and laughing” at a biological male attempting to present as a woman. Because Spiers was rude to a transgender person, he was chewed out both in court and by law enforcement and informed that his children should be ashamed of him. Not only was Spiers required to believe that the biological male that walked past him and his buddies was a female, he was also required not to snicker. Society is moving fast, and Neanderthals like Spiers need to get in line – or else.

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