‘Conversion therapy’ is cloaked with myths

Feb 26, 2021 by

by Peter May, MercatorNet:

Why should we ban counselling which people find helpful?

A growing international movement is calling for bans on so-called “conversion therapy” for “converting” homosexuals into heterosexuals. Based on untruths, deliberately confused truths and half-truths, these campaigners have so far persuaded Germany, Malta, three Canadian provinces, two Australian states, and dozens of American states to ban such therapy, while Northern Ireland and Great Britain are among those considering it.

Most of these therapies should rightly be banned. The list includes aversion therapies, using drugs, enemas, electrical shock treatments and even brain surgery. All these have been administered with the help of the medical profession. Not only were they cruel, but there is no evidence that any of them worked. At a time when homosexuality was illegal, individuals were pressured to have their orientation changed by such methods. Nowadays, there is no compulsion for people to change. Those who request help do so entirely of their own volition.

The deliberate untruth told by campaigners is that “people cannot change their orientation because they are born that way”. This is clearly untrue. No genetic evidence has ever demonstrated this, despite extensive genetic research. Neither is it supported by the study of identical twins. They overlook the fact that many homosexuals and heterosexuals admit to being “fluid” in their sexual orientation. Bisexuality is demonstrated, for example, whenever middle-aged adults suddenly declare they are gay after being happily married for 20 years and having had several children.

All these therapies were discontinued over 50 years ago! Nowadays homosexual activity is legal in many countries, along with gay marriage. In the West, only talking-therapies are available to those who want help. These include professional counselling, pastoral care, prayer and support from family and friends. LGBT pressure groups are now seeking to ban all of these.

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