Coronavirus exploited by enemies of democracy

Mar 26, 2020 by

by Pavel Stroilov, Christian Concern:

Let us be very clear about what happened this week with the abortive imposition of DIY abortions under the pretext of fighting coronavirus. On Monday afternoon, the website published an official legislative document, which drastically changed the substance of the law with immediate effect…

…These were the very DIY abortions on demand which the pro-death lobby had been lusting after for many years. As long as we had a properly functioning democracy, they had no success. Now that the voters have other things on their minds, it was imposed on us overnight – without debate, without vote, without publicity – insidiously slipped and shuffled into the pack of other measures we are told we need to survive. The moment was chosen very carefully – the day when everyone’s attention was completely consumed by Boris Johnson’s address to the nation announcing the lock-down. The calculation evidently was that nobody would notice, and once the wheels were in motion, it would be too late to protest.

Thankfully, this was not to be. The publication was spotted by a few pro-life groups (including Christian Concern), who promptly published protests. At some point overnight, one of those messages reached someone senior enough in the government to pull the brake. On Tuesday morning, the document was gone from the website, replaced by the inelegantly worded, obviously rushed notice:

 “The information on this page has been removed because it was published in error.
“This was published in error. There will be no changes to abortion regulations.”

Do not be fooled by the understandable attempts to play this down. It was not an error of sending a wrong tweet: for a few hours, there was formal legislation in place which legalised DIY abortions.

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