Could Sturgeon’s Trans Fiasco Be Woke’s Berlin Wall Moment?

Feb 2, 2023 by

by Nick Dixon, Daily Sceptic:

I remember as a young child watching the fall of the Berlin Wall. I was too young to understand that if it was just a wall, why had it been so hard to knock it down?

Complex political structures being beyond my unformed mind, I was a touch too focused on the physics.

But watching Nicola Sturgeon’s sudden fall from grace, and potential collapse, reminds me of how flimsy the wall of woke really is. It is built on ideas that are anything but robust. In fact, it is full of holes. It is also ugly and everyone hates it.

For example, we know from polling data that Sturgeon’s trans policies are unpopular even in Scotland, the one place where presumably some people actually like her.

And so, as with the wokies in general, if their absurd, dangerous, anti-human ideas are supported by so few, why are we letting them stand at all?

The alleged transition of Adam Graham, the face tattooed male rapist, into the convenient female persona ‘Isla Bryson’, thus allowing him to enter a women’s prison, was the obscene flashpoint that pushed the reasonable people of Scotland, Britain, and – in an age of social media – the world over the edge.

Graham was only moved out of a female prison after an explosion of public outrage (for once that word can be used with justification) and the fiasco is said to have left Sturgeon “on the verge of quitting”.

Great news. But even if we do finally see the back of Sturgeon, will the trans madness cease?

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