Could the threat of lawsuits rein in gender dysphoria doctors?

Nov 3, 2019 by

by Michael Cook, Bio Edge:

Critics of transgender treatment for children have been making heavy weather of persuading people that it could be medically dangerous. However, a well-documented feature in The Australian warns that transgender doctors could face class action suits if they continue to ignore research which claims that children are being harmed.

University of Queensland law dean Patrick Parkinson, commented that doctors could be charged with medical negligence. He told The Australian:

“Are all of those risks being spelled out in words of one syllable to parents and children before prescribing puberty blockers, let alone cross-sex hormones? Hospital ethics committees (overseeing gender clinics) and medical insurers need to pay very careful attention to the risks both of misdiagnosis and the proposed treatment.”

A lawyer from one of Australia’s leading class action firms, Slater & Gordon, told The Australian that ten years ago she had won a confidential settlement for a man who underwent gender change at Melbourne’s original Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic. He told her: “I have just the same amount of psychological distress as before (transition) and now I’ve got all these physical (complications from transition) as well.”

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