Councillor calls for pastor to be deported, denied services after celebrating cancellation of pride event

Sep 12, 2020 by

by Tola Mbakwe, Premier:

A Labour councillor in Newquay has written to the Home Secretary urging her to deport a pastor who welcomed the cancellation of an LGBTQ+ pride event in a social media post.

Councillor Stephen Hick asked for Pastor Josh Williamson, who’s originally from Australia, to be investigated and branded him a hate preacher.

He wrote: “Josh Williamson’s ministry has caused harm to members of the community of Newquay and the wider LGBTQ+ community across Cornwall.

“I believe his continued presence, preaching the hate that he does, presents a continuing harm to the same communities.

“I am unaware of the previous ministry of this particular church, but a foreign preacher travelling to the UK to promote and potentially act upon extremist views should be treated with the utmost seriousness – using an established institution to promote such views is of course one of the PREVENT criteria.”

Pastor Williamson, 34, of Newquay Baptist Church, has been bashed online for saying the upcoming ‘Cornwall Pride’ event being cancelled was “wonderful news”, in a social media post.

After being invited to a meeting with members of the Cornwall Pride team, Pastor Williamson also handed them a leaflet about what the Bible says about homosexuality.

There have been threats on social media to burn down his church. Devon and Cornwall Police also told the pastor to keep his views to a “safe environment”.

In addition to the letter to the Home Secretary, Mr Hick also told local newspaper Newquay Voice that locals should deny Pastor Williamson services.

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