Countering progressive Christianity

Jul 31, 2020 by

by Jessica Knell, Christian Today:

There is a form of Christianity – for people who dislike Christianity; a palatable form of faith served with a side of post-liberalism and postmodernism belief.

The modern-day battle within Christianity is a war which proposes to separate more than denominational divides by blurring the definition of Christianity itself.

In contrast to historic Christianity, progressive Christianity accepts that there are multiple ways to connect with God. Furthermore, it renounces that Jesus is the only way for us to connect with God. It declares that different religions are alternative pathways to connect with a Universal Christ.

Interestingly, this ‘Universal Christ’ is nothing like the Messiah foretold for thousands of generations in the Old Testament. Nothing like Jesus.

Richard Rohr, a progressive theologian explains that Universal Christ is God is everywhere – in other people and in creation. He goes as far as to announce that to be a Christian means to see ‘Christ’ in everything.

Progressive Christianity affirms that Jesus’ teaching provides one of many routes to experience ‘god’ (the sacredness, oneness, and unity of life).

Confused yet by this heresy?

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