COVID-19 and the Smoke of Satan

Nov 21, 2021 by

by Michael C Hurley, The American Thinker:

[…]  As I wrote at the time, “[t]he Britain of today is a health-and-safety culture that has largely abandoned the religious faith that once gave it a sense of transcendent meaning.  As a result, it finds itself obsessed with every threat — real or imagined — to its materialist worldview and sees goblins of risk and impending doom around every corner.”

At the time I wrote those words, I scarcely would have guessed that the same observation could soon be made about much of the United States.  And for that matter, does anyone even recognize Australia anymore?  It is the worldwide nature of this psychosis, and the fact that so much of the world is blind to the madness that only a small minority sees plainly, that caused me to urge these British writers to wake up and recognize that the “vaccine” is not a cure, but merely another aspect of the disease, and that we are engaged in a battle not against a virus or for people’s health, but against fear and for their souls.

As was not unexpected, my British friends agreed that we are in a battle but demurred as regards the idea that it has anything to do with Heaven and Hell.  Atheism and its more polite cousin, agnosticism, have long had Britain by the throat.  

I have never been much of an apocalyptic thinker or prone to see heavenly forces everywhere writ large on the canvas of history.  God plays the long game, and history is littered with fools who presumed to know and tell others exactly what God was up to in the course of human events.  I don’t aspire to be one of them.  But for me, there was immediately, and remains, something noticeably different about this COVID phenomenon.

For starters, there is the never-before-in-history decision of the worldwide Catholic Church, to say nothing of the worldwide Anglican communion, to shut its doors and abandon the flock out of the fear of mortal death, which the Bible plainly tells us is Satan’s stock in trade.

There is no possible explanation for a decision by prelates of the Church to refuse Christ’s injunction to Peter, “feed my sheep,” that does not end in abject disobedience.  There is no benign explanation for the willful decision to deny a starving world the imperishable bread of heaven, which is the Eucharist, and exchange it for the perishable bread of this world, which is the fleeting illusion of physical health and material comfort that the bishops sought to purchase by closing the churches.  It was an astonishing, utter, and total abdication of the most obvious and fundamental tenets of the Christian faith.  If we cannot recognize Satan in a conspicuous, unapologetic, worldwide abdication of the Faith by the princes of the Church, we have no hope of recognizing him in our own lives.

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