Covid-centralising Archbishop excoriates Government – for Covid centralising

Sep 17, 2020 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has excoriated the Government’s ‘Rule of Six‘, the latest anti-Covid-19 policy which restricts almost the whole of society to gatherings of no more than six. Writing in the Telegraph, Justin Welby said such decisions need to be made locally rather than by national diktat: “With a vaccine still far from certain, infection rates rising and winter on the horizon, the new normal of living with Covid-19 will only be sustainable – or even endurable – if we challenge our addiction to centralisation and go back to an age-old principle: only do centrally what must be done centrally.”

And he exhorted the Government to follow the Church of England’s example:

As a country, this principle is in our DNA. In the Church of England, we have been committed to localism for centuries. Every inch of the country is part of an Anglican parish, and parish churches are woven into the fabric of their communities. Meanwhile, local councils are full of people who care about street lighting that does not work, speed limits that need to be in place, and paving stones that could trip people up. It might not seem exciting, but it is essential and we should be very grateful.

This is answered prayer (from Monday): “Is it too much to pray that a bishop might arise to confront this Government’s rule of fear, and implore ministers to permit us to get on with the family function and friendly business of loving and laughing..?”

Arise Justin Welby, the most senior bishop in England.

Or perhaps His (present) Grace is an avid reader of His (former) Grace’s blog?

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