Cracks within Anglican Communion widens over same-sex relationships

Feb 27, 2021 by

by Jeckonia Otieno, The Standard:

The fabric connecting the African Anglican Communion to the West seems to be tearing like the temple curtain at Jesus’ death.

This is after the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) wrote a terse letter to the Anglican Church of North America over the issue of same-sex relationships.

The letter signed by Archbishop Henry Ndukuba, the Primate of the Nigerian church comes after a statement by the College of Bishops of Anglican Church in North America (ACNA), which has largely been interpreted as support for the gay.

“The Bishops noted, ‘that the struggle with human identity is real and painful for Christians who experience same-sex attraction’,” read the letter by the Nigerian church which argues further that ACNA seems bent towards promoting same-sex relationships within the American church.

[…] An invitation to gay Anglicans by a group within ACNA seems to have fueled the fire with fears rising that would end up in gay clergy being allowed in pulpits in parishes.

However, the invitation seemed to have been pulled down from the internet after the outcry.

The Nigerian primate asked the Archbishop of ACNA to officially comment on the matter to avoid any ambiguity.

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