Crying children, cartoon monster and liberal fascism

Jun 25, 2018 by

by Melanie Phillips:

You really do have to rub your eyes very hard indeed at the grotesque hypocrisy, distortion and unhinged hatred that have erupted in reaction to the “crying migrant children” at the Mexican/American border.

It has even given rise to abuse of the memory of the Holocaust.

More than 2,500 migrant children from Latin America have been separated at the Mexican border from their parents (or other adults accompanying them) who were arrested after trying to immigrate illegally into the US.

Amidst distressing recordings of small migrant children crying, the people who have accused President Trump of wilful cruelty are posing as being motivated by compassionate concern for the children’s welfare.

Nothing could be further from the truth. They were using these children’s plight to attack Trump.

For sure, separating children from their parents is horrible and something that shouldn’t happen unless absolutely unavoidable. But these critics are not concerned about the welfare of these children.

For here’s what the media and other critics have simply ignored. Far worse than the plight of these 2,000+ accompanied children separated at the border is what has happened to the 10,000+ unaccompanied children sent to the US by their parents – this despite the appalling risks of abuse, attack and other dangers to which these parents are exposing them by sending them to breach the border alone.

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